Andree PhotoI dedicate this book to all women and men who secretly suffer from hair problems or any physical conditions and are too shy, too ashamed or held back by pride to come forward with their ailments in public or in private. I wrote these lines for all women and men who feel they do not fit in a world where physical appearance takes precedence over inner beauty.

I also dedicate this work to my amazingly beautiful Mother who had her own challenges to deal with throughout her entire life. Looking back in retrospect at her own experience, I feel deep compassion and empathy for her inner battles. She had been born for a mere eight months when her mother passed away. From that moment on, her destiny was sealed with emotional and physical instability. She had been born with great talents, beauty and wonderful skills. Unfortunately these great talents were never given a fertile and supportive ground in order to fully develop these abilities. Last but not least I want to thank my amazing life partner, George, who has always stood by me and showered me with infinite support and encouragements to enable all my talents to grow and flourish.