Andree PhotoAndree started in the work place as a journalist for Export Development Corporation (EDC) a crown corporation. EDC has the mandate to provide financial services to Canadian companies who want to access international markets. While working at EDC , her services were retained to use her voice for their publicity, promotional videos and audios. The reason for such services was based on the fact that the tone of her voice was perfect and so was her diction and pronunciation. They needed someone who was perfectly bilingual in both official languages.

After 2 years of working for EDC, Andrée was hired by the city of Ottawa as a journalist and information officer. She worked along with urban planners, architects as well as the National Capital Commission (NCC). The tasks involved large scale projects such as the revitalization of the downtown area of Ottawa.

When the project with the city of Ottawa was completed, she traveled abroad mostly in Europe (as mentioned in her bio and travels). When Andrée came back to Canada, she decided to join an art cooperative called Enriched Bread Artists (EBA). The cooperative consisted of 26 artists specializing in different art mediums such as sculptures, videos, conceptual installations, photography and abstract art. She contributed to many art exhibitions there. She also helped in the preparation of publicity and marketing campaigns. She contributed in the development of strategies for fund raising and financial sponsorships.

Andrée exhibited her art work at a big annual Art Fair in New York City. As a consequence of that participation she was given the opportunity to have a solo exhibition there. Her art is known for its high energy, colors and joyful shapes.

When away from her studio, in her free time, she has developed skills in languages. She took courses in Spanish, Italian, English and Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages of the world). These Sanskrit courses were taught by one of the most internationally acclaimed professor from the well-known Paris University ‘‘La Sorbonne’’. These language courses helped her realize she has a facility with foreign languages. That facility comes from an ability to capture various sounds of languages. These sounds are the essence of languages.

Her passion for languages and sounds lead her to become a French teacher at a private school in Ottawa. The institution had a mandate to provide French classes to high executives who work for the Canadian Federal Government. At that level it is mandatory to possess and master the two official languages, French and English. Andrée had the privilege to teach French too many directors, managers, Supreme Court judges, lawyers and technicians. She always enjoyed this line of work because she loves people and it always represented new challenges, new students and new locations.

What Andrée appreciated the most with that line of work was the fact she constantly met new people from various backgrounds of expertise. She met so many interesting people who had been out posted in foreign countries and exposed to diametrically different realities and cultures. The discussions held during classes were highly insightful and expanding. The quality Andrée developed as a teacher over the years is a sensitivity to adjust with flexibility and openness to various levels of learning capacities with each individual. She never had preconceived perceptions toward the students in front of her. She did not get intimidated by their titles or positions. For her, these students represented human beings who were being challenged by having to learn a new language. Their promotion and jobs were at stake if they did not pass the tests. They were in a very stressful situation. As a result of this, she developed compassion and humanity toward the huge challenges these successful adults had to go through. Most of her classes met with success. Her students showed such gratitude and expressed it in many reference letters. They shared their positive experience with the owner and principal of the school.

During these years as a teacher, Andrée also worked as a translator. She translated important documents from English to French and vice versa. She also did simultaneous interpretation from English to French and vice versa.

Andrée is not afraid to speak in front of a large audience since she also taught a stress-release technique called TM (transcendental Meditation) for a few years. She gave presentations to private clubs, schools, businesses and institutions.

Andrée shows a dynamic and convincing energy, filled with passion and positivity. These positive traits are enhanced when she teaches French or gives presentations about her philosophy concerning art in general. She has been active giving speeches about her art work and her exploration with various techniques and art mediums.

She has completed a book in the last 2 years which addresses body and self-image issues and human sufferance at large. Andrée is highly sensitive to inadequate human living conditions and feels compassion toward people who feel they do not belong. The book is the result of one particular line of work she did while working for a NGO. The organization had retained her services to research for solutions to end hunger and malnutrition in third world countries. She met with many specialists at the Food Agency Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy. The purpose of that trip was to present a new technology that produced a new natural powder formula extremely high in protein. They needed help from FAO in order to identify the success rate this new powder would have in a long term basis. FAO has substantial amounts of R&D studies on malnutrition. These studies come from all over the world. Thus why it was important to become aware of these conclusions.

She is currently getting ready to record a CD of her piano compositions and improvisations pieces. All these above mentioned experiences have given Andrée a multi-dimensional field of vision and perception. This vision is very representative of her curious spirit and inquisitive mind along with her insatiable eagerness to learn and discover about all fields of life. Her interests range from books on history, philosophy, comparative religions, fashion, designs, architecture, music, the performing arts, high technology, quantum physics, astronomy. There is more to come as she will be preparing herself for a solo exhibition in New York City in a near future.