Teaching Experience

Andree PhotoAndrée’s mother tongue is French and she has been teaching French as a second language for over 25 years. Her services were initially retained by a private French language school in Ottawa, Canada, called Ecole de Langues La Cité. This institution obtained major contracts from the Government of Canada to teach high level government executives and employees to improve their French and obtain their Level C French language certification in order to be promoted to higher positions in the Government. This is because since the 1970’s there has been a law in Canada that stipulates that Federal Government employees have a certain compulsory level of bilingual proficiency in both official languages, French and English.

Andrée has taught hundreds of students. She has extensive experience in teaching all levels of students from beginners and intermediates to advanced clients. Andree has developed a teaching technique and methodology which has proven to be unique, innovative and highly effective. She uses her ability to correctly assess the type of personality, language skill level and confidence of her students and then with her jovial personality and teaching method she adjusts the pedagogical course content accordingly to the individual needs of the student. Andree has a superior ability to explain French grammar in a user friendly way and to help her students integrate French vocabulary and phrases quickly. She is also patient and understanding with her students and helps them find their own confidence in the French language.

When the project with the city of Ottawa was completed, she traveled abroad mostly in Europe (as mentioned in her bio and travels). When Andrée came back to Canada, she decided to join an art cooperative called Enriched Bread Artists (EBA). The cooperative consisted of 26 artists specializing in different art mediums such as sculptures, videos, conceptual installations, photography and abstract art. She contributed to many art exhibitions there. She also helped in the preparation of publicity and marketing campaigns. She contributed in the development of strategies for fund raising and financial sponsorships.

With this approach, there is no lack of motivation from the students as they find Andree’s teaching to be easy and enjoyable. They find themselves stimulated and interested not only in learning the French language itself but also in the culture and history of the language which Andree includes in her courses. This helps maintain the interest and develops the confidence and abilities of her students resulting in rapid, successful and enjoyable learning and results.

Ecole de Langues La Cité sent Andree to teach in most of the Canadian Government ministries and departments. Below is a partial list of these departments and ministries.

- Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)
- Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
- Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
- Health Canada
- National Defense
- Auditor General of Canada
- Canadian Heritage
- Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
- Fisheries and Ocean
- Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
- Department of Intergovernmental Affairs
- Privy Council Office
- Public Health Agency of Canada
- Public Safety Canada
- Status of Women
- Treasury Board of Canada

Andrée was also fortunate to obtain a two year contract to teach a range of employees at CBC TV in Ottawa.

All of her students have been more than happy with her teaching skills and methods. Andree has successfully brought every one of her students to the required French language proficiency level required for their job and promotion in the Government. At the end of each course they often insisted that the Ecole de Langues La Cité designate Andrée again as their teacher for another course.

Over the years Andrée has built a good clientele and developed an excellent reputation not only with the Ecole de Langues La Cité but also with her own private clients. Several of these clients live outside of Canada and she now teaches them successfully via the internet using Skype. Andree has many letters of reference validating her amazing gift and ability for teaching French to anyone, no matter what their language level, confidence or personality. Whether shy, insecure, confident, beginner or advanced, she can teach them for the very best and fastest results.