Andree PhotoAndree began travelling when she was very young with her family. The trips extended mostly within North America at the time. From the East to the West coast of both Canada and USA. She got the chance to experience most of the Canadian provinces. As for the USA she experienced most of all the states except Alaska and the US Virgin islands.

She was given a fabulous opportunity to accompany her husband to such places like China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Phillipines, Thailand and Singapore. They lived in the Netherland Antilles for a few years near Maastricht. During that time they took the opportunity to discover the adjacent countries such as Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, and of course the beautiful country of Italy.

After signing a very exciting contract with the Ontario Government, her husband was asked to go to places like North Africa, specifically Egypt and Lebanon. She went along.

During these above mentioned travels, there were also many trips to most of the Carribean islands including Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao, and the Dominican Republic. There has also been trips to Hawaii.

The reason in sharing her travels is not to show the quantity of places she has seen but to underline the fact that every single of these trips had a profound impact and a profound influence on her art work. As a matter of fact, the inspiration and the stimuli she drew from these various geographic configurations would result into constant new work, new insights, brake through and experimentations with  new techniques. Colors and vivid imagination would come alive in all her visions on canvas.

One will enjoy travelling along through Andree's work and detect which country influenced which pieces of art. From the Turquoise waters of the Carribeans to the cream colored dryness of the desert passing through the underground caves of stalagmites and stalactites.

Artists are like sponges. They absorb everything they see, feel, smell and hear and filter it through their individualities. Bon Voyage!